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The product offered is made from PP as required and is in the form of finished circular woven sacks printed / un-printed and laminated or un-laminated to suit customers size and requirement corona treated printing offered on request. The material can also be offered in the form of tubular flat fabric in continuous lengths of upto 3000 meters. UV stabilized material can be offered on request.

Over the past several years Priyadarshini polysacks ltd has established itself as a leading manufacturer of HPDE/PP woven Sacks. equipped with state-of-art technology and also backed by years of experience Priyadarshini Woven Sacks are the obvious choice for all.

We are manufacturing woven bags and fabrics, used as an industrial packaging material. These materials are available in different constructions and specifications. For application in many different industries, we have packaging material especially suited to individual needs, as required and is in the form of finished Circular Woven Sacks printed / unprinted and laminated or unlaminated to suit customer's size and requirements, Corona treated printing also available.. The material can also be offered in the form of Tubular / Flat fabric in continuous lengths. One of our speciality is to manufacture a variety of Box Bags / Bale Wraps widely used for Packing of Staple Fiber used in Europe. UV Stabilized material can be offered on request. Our Products are well accepted in the market by best quality & quick deliveries


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